Ring Elementary School Holds 5th Annual P.S. I Love You Day

Ring Elementary School spent time last Friday spreading love, kindness and awareness to its students and families, letting them now that they are loved through their annual P.S. I Love You Day. The fifth annual event, the brainchild of Carrie Davenport and Brandi Meacham, joined forces with the Community Alliance for Suicide and Family Services of the Chautauqua Region for the day. The entire school wore purple to celebrate the event and students sign an anti-bullying pledge.

In the morning, candies were handed out with notes attached to families dropping their children off at school, as well as information from the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Students received stickers and purple bracelets and necklaces to commemorate the event. There were also two, second grade concerts during the day, one for students and one for parents, where the school gave out more information.

This is the fifth year the school has participated in the P.S. I Love You event, and it has been a wonderful success. The event centers on standing up against bullying, ending depression and preventing suicide. P.S. I Love You Day is a national, non-profit organization formed by Brooke DiPalma in 2010 after she suffered the loss of her father to suicide.

“This is the second year that we partnered with the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention and Family Services and our fifth year doing the day. Each day we get bigger and bigger,” said Ms. Davenport. “This year, we also added a school-wide kindness challenge. The kindness challenge allowed the school to participate in a community wide kindness challenge hosted by a local non-profit organization called Partners in Kind of Chautauqua County. It is important to do this day because it focuses on building self-esteem and spreading kindness and hopefully helping to end depression and raise awareness about bullying and suicide prevention.”

Classrooms also hosted visitors from the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

“We were really excited to be involved because we are promoting kindness, love and friendship. We think it’s important at a young age to be talking about friendship, being kind and treating each other with respect. It’s important to teach these values young so that hopefully as they grow that transfers into their adult relationships with others,” said Victoria Patti, Executive Director of the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

“P.S. I Love You” T-shirts were sold with some of the funds being donated to the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

Anyone struggling with mental health crisis should call the Chautauqua County Crisis Hotline Number at 1-800-724-0461.

posted on 02/12/2018 - filed under: Community, Elementary School, Parents, Spotlight, Staff, Students