Association of Jamestown Paraprofessionals Donates to St. Susan’s Center

The Association of Jamestown Paraprofessionals (AJP) recently donated food items to St. Susan’s Center. This is the fourth year the AJP has given back to the Center.

“We strongly believe in paying it forward,” said AJP President Cheryl Jones. “The district’s paraprofessionals gathered food items in their perspective buildings and brought the donation to St. Susan’s Center on March 21st. We know that during the holidays some people are alone and may not have much so we are grateful that St. Susan’s is there for these individuals to support them and prepare them with a good, warm, healthy meal. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to give back to our community. Thank you everyone in the JPS district for your donation. Every little bit helps.”

posted on 03/27/2018 - filed under: Community, Spotlight, Staff