Love 2nd Graders Learn More About the Human Body with Life-Sized Replicas

Love Elementary School second graders discovered more about the human body by creating life-sized replicas as part of their English Language Arts (ELA) unit in Roslyn Sisley-Kazelunas’ class. They traced their bodies on paper, cutout organs, colored them and correctly placed them in their “bodies.”

During the ELA unit of the human body, students studied how the body began as cells and built to a system. Students learned about the respiratory, digestive, excretory, muscular and nervous systems. After they understood the jobs of the systems, students learned how to keep their body healthy and read nonfiction passages or listened to fiction stories supporting body systems and healthy habits. The goal of the human-sized replicas are to give students a hands-on experience of what their organs are, and where they are located in the body.

“This activity allows students to experience what they have learned and discussed in class,” said Mrs. Sisley-Kazelunas. “Students are able to have a better understanding of their body, how it works, and how to take care of it by creating a paper model of themselves.”

posted on 04/16/2018 - filed under: ELA, Elementary School, Science, Spotlight, Students