Love After School Students Become “Robotics Engineers”

At Love Elementary Schools After School Program, teacher Beth Strong worked with students to experience creating basic robotics by using LEGO Education’s beginners robotics kits. The process begins with very simple lessons and builds up to more complex models.  Students have the opportunity to create their own robots by following the directions in the kit with Mrs. Strong.

“I equate each robotic build to the making of a bridge – would you want to drive over a bridge that was finished in a hurry, and some of the pieces of the bridge are missing?” said Mrs. Strong “These LEGO Robotic kits are a great way to enforce the importance of following directions and waiting for their partner to finish their portion of the project. The students have to collaborate in order for the project to be completed efficiently.”

All Jamestown elementary and middle school students in the after school programming are becoming robotic experts using age-appropriate Lego Education kits throught the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant. The LEGO Robotics program comes with a complete small set of Legos for each student. There are several booklets to follow to create a number of different projects.  The Robotics afterschool program helps develop critical thinking skills, builds 21st Century skills with engaging learning materials and encourages collaboration and communication.

“I just have a fun time working and building with the students,” said Mrs. Strong. “This fun activity for the students is a great opportunity for them to use a different part of their brain and think while using their hands to build.  The students enjoy “reading the parts” and seemed somewhat relieved to not have to read how to build.  They enjoy asking and answering questions, as well as finding out how gears and handles play a part in making simple machines move.  They are excited at the completion of each simple machine, because now they get to move on to something bigger and more complex.”

posted on 05/02/2018 - filed under: After School, Elementary School, Math, Middle School, Science, Spotlight, Students