Fletcher Elementary School Art Students Created Tall Towers

Fletcher Elementary School arts students not only flexed their creative muscles but also became amateur architects by participating in Art Teacher, Darryl Mallanda’s Tall Tower Contest to determine who could create the tallest tower using styrofoam beans and toothpicks.

Each student has 30 to 40 minutes to complete their tower and Mr. Mallanda tracked the top three measurements for each grade level and recognized 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each grade level and the over-all highest measurement in the school, which ended in a tie, with both fourth grader Paul Cunningham and third grader, Camryn Storms, having 37 inch towers.

As part of the Tall Tower Contest, Mr. Mallanda covers building techniques and different tower structures in their everyday world such as power lines, radio towers, fire towers and some more popular structures like the Eiffel Tower. Students learn how balance, form, composition, line and shape can influence their planning and strategy in construction. Students also see how to use simple, repurposed tools to create and use their problem-solving skills.

A full list of the Fletcher Tall Tower Contest Winners is:

4th Grade:

1st Place – Paul Cunningham

2nd Place – Kameron Milne

3rd Place – Chase Bonta & Nicholas Melendez


3rd Grade:

1st Place – Camryn Storms

2nd Place – Logan Smith

3rd Place – David Johnson & McKenzie Markle


2nd Grade:

1st Place – Kaelyn Martin

2nd Place – Daniel Graham

3rd Place – Madilyn Gordon


1st Grade:

1st Place – Alyanna Stiverson

2nd Place – Raymond Carson

3rd Place – Siena Hobbs

Honorable Mention to: Kindergartner Ryan Derrenbacher

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