Washington SOM Jan 2018

JIMMY LEONARD is in 5th grade and is the son of Rhonda Jean and Mark Mullen.  He likes to play video games in his spare time.  He likes any subject in school that takes the learning outside and thanks Mrs. Rein for everything she has taught him.  In the future he wants to be a YouTube vlogger.





LEANETTE ARIZMENDI is in 6th grade and is the daughter of Catherine Bonilla and Julio Arizmendi.  Her favorite subject is Math and says Mrs. Emerson has made a difference in her life by helping her stay organized and helps her be responsible, respectful, and safe.  In her spare time she likes to play outside, go to friends’ houses, and read books.  In the future she wants to become a gymnast.




MADDY TERRY is a 7th grader and the daughter of Nicole Terry and Wesley Miller.  Her favorite subjects are Math, Music, and Orchestra and has been influenced by Mrs. Wakefield who has made her love music more than ever.  She enjoys dancing and hanging out with friends in her spare time and in the future she would like to make more friends and get more dance scholarships.




DARIEN BUTTS is in 8th grade and is the daughter of Millicent Leeper and Darin Butts.  She enjoys playing basketball in her spare time.  Her favorite subjects in school are English and Math and believes Mrs. Landy has made a difference in her life by making things fun and always being good to her.  In the future she wants to either be a veterinarian or a cosmetologist.