Washington SOM March 2018

ASHLYN GALEAZZO is in 5th grade and is the daughter of Elizabeth and Frank Galeazzo.  She likes to arts and crafts in her spare time.  Her favorite subject in school is science.  She wants to thank her 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Rott for making a difference in her life.  In the future she wants to be a bakery chef.





ELLA PROPHETER is in 6th grade and is the daughter of Jenny and Steven Propheter.  Her favorite subject is Math and says Mrs. Pitts has made a difference in her life because she has helped her through a lot.  In her spare time she likes to play soccer and watch YouTube.  In the future she wants to play professional soccer.





DREW WILLIAMS is a 7th grader and the son of Holly and Jason Williams.  His favorite subjects are English and Phys. Ed. and has been influenced by Mr. Iacuzzo because he showed Drew that learning can be fun.  He enjoys playing with his brother in his spare time and in the future he would like to write a book.





NATHANIEL TORRES is in 8th grade and is the son of Nancy and Tony Torres.  He enjoys playing baseball and boxing in his spare time.  His favorite subject in school is math and believes his dad has made the biggest difference in his life because he always encourages him to do things.  In the future he wants to play professional baseball.