Washington SOM April 2018

PATRICK KOCH is in 5th grade and is the son of Elizabeth and Robert Koch.  He likes to clean in his spare time.  His favorite subject in school is reading.  He wants to thank his teacher, Mrs. Messina for being his favorite teacher.  In the future, he wants to drive a bus.





JAHLEESHIA ERVING-DAVIS is in 6th grade and is the daughter of Louise Rivera.  Her favorite subjects are ELA, Science, and GRIAR and says Mr. Knapp and Ms. Stowe has made a difference in her life by telling her to work hard and never give up. In the future, she wants to take more classes so she can keep learning to do more things.





MOLLIE NOLAN is a 7th grader and the daughter of Kaitline and Andrew Coone.  Her favorite subject is science and has been influenced by Mrs. Ellis because she understands Mollie’s Disney obsession.  She enjoys drawing, reading and listening to music in her spare time and in the future, she would like to be an FBI agent to make the world a better place.





SIENA DEANGELO is in 8th grade and is the daughter of Denise and Jon DeAngelo.  She enjoys running track and cross-country, baking and playing with her hedgehog in her spare time.  Her favorite subjects in school are ELA and Biology and believes Mr. Williams made a difference in her life because he was the only person who could make kids care about bettering our earth.  In the future, she wants to attend Notre Dame and go on to be a small business owner.