JPS Mission Statement

We are committed to provide our students high-quality, 21st century learning experiences within and beyond our classrooms so that our graduates are prepared to excel in college, career, and life.


JPS Vision Statement

We see every child learning every day!


JPS Core Values & Beliefs

A District-wide commitment to the following values and beliefs is vital at all levels of the organization if we are to fully realize our vision and mission:


  1. 1. Students must always come first.
    1. We believe it is essential to place the interests of students above all others in every decision we make.
    2. We believe that the core work of the District is supporting student learning.
    3. We believe it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure that every child, regardless of challenges or circumstance must be supported and expected to achieve at his or her highest level.


  1. 2. High–quality teaching and learning are key to student success.
    1. We believe in high expectations for all students and staff built on a culture that includes fair treatment, honesty, openness and respect.
    2. We believe high-quality instruction is key to our students’ success and is built on a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is aligned to high standards, measurable outcomes, appropriate professional development and equitable access to educational opportunities.
    3. We believe that we will need to operate in perpetual learning mode, seeing professional growth as an ongoing responsibility for all.


  1. 3. This effort requires us all to work together.
    1. We must effectively partner with parents and community resources.
    2. We believe students are far more likely to be successful in school when their families share in the commitment to that school success.
    3. We believe that teachers and other staff must maintain a collaborative spirit and be willing to share both resources and ideas.
    4. We believe positive relationships are key to accomplishing our goals.  This includes relationships between and among staff, between teachers and students, between administrators and teachers, and between school staff and parents/guardians.


  1. 4. Positive social, emotional, and behavioral growth provides a sturdy foundation for academics.
    1. We believe schools are the heart of our communities and are committed to providing healthy and safe school environments.
    2. We believe structured opportunities outside of the classroom can provide rich experiences that foster positive social/emotional development and responsible behavioral choices.


  1. 5. Strong leadership, effective systems and reliable measures will be required to accomplish our goals.
    1. We believe that leadership is essential.  It should be developed and distributed within every constituency and throughout the organization.
    2. We believe that routine review of how we do business will help us to maintain effective and efficient systems that support our core business of teaching and learning.
    3. We believe that a continuous improvement cycle can most effectively be maintained by the routine collection and analysis of data.
    1. We believe that data should help us refine our approaches within our classrooms and in the systems that support those classrooms.