Visual Arts Department

Welcome to the Visual Arts Department

The Visual Arts Department of Jamestown Public Schools is committed to the belief that all students K-12 shall be provided with a comprehensive, sequential, and thorough program of instruction in the fine arts disciplines. We strive to instill the basic knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the fine and media arts, inspiring students to become life-long participants and supporters of the arts.

David Mazzone
Department Chair, Art

Links to School Art Department Websites:

Bush Elementary School – Rebecca Whitman

Fletcher Elementary School – Molly Woodfield

Lincoln Elementary School – MaryGrace Anderson

Love Elementary School  – MaryGrace Anderson

Ring Elementary School – Molly Woodfield

Jefferson Middle School – Lisa Corey

Persell Middle School – Michela Tehan

Washington Middle School – Kevin Kyser

Jamestown High School   -  Stephanie Baker, Brandy Fuller, Kirk Frink & Dave Mazzone