Business Department

The JHS Business Education department offers a wide array of classes and experiences. Beginning in ninth grade, students are scheduled for our Careers class. This class meets JHS graduation requirements and offers a supportive program that will enhance student’s computer use while introducing them to the components of workforce preparation and community service. Viewed as a foundational class, Careers provides the skills for future success by allowing students to explore a variety of career options while gaining a sense of pride in their local community.

Following the completion of this class, JHS students who wish to continue on a business education track can enroll in awide spectrum of coursework. Students can continue to build on their computer skills through our Computer Applications and our Web Design courses. They can experience additional specific business applications through our Accounting classes, our Marketing classes, and our Business Law classes. Those who wish can also take a Hospitality and Tourism course, which offers a college credit.  Students who wish toexperience an authentic emersion into the world of work during their Junior and Senior years can also apply for our Youth Apprenticeship Program, which places students in paid positions two mornings per week and balances those experiences with a Workforce Preparation class, a computer applications class, and an English class that takes on a business flavor.

The JHS business department is blessed with great teachers and supportive administrators. We are most fortunate to be associated with the Jamestown Public Schools and to be located in downtown Jamestown. Our department’s state of the art facilities includes four computer labs (both Mac and PC) as well as two mobile labs that can be utilized in regular classroom settings. With this type of access, JHS students who enroll in business education courses have a truly hands on experience, utilizing computers early and often, while saving materials for current and future use.

With an eye toward professionalism, the courses and components of the JHS business department can prepare students for the ever changing demands of both school and career. Upcoming plans include the development of a strategy for growing partnerships with local businesses and institutions of higher education. It is our belief that these types of partnership will allow us to expand upon the “real life” experiences that both heighten student interest and serve the local community.

Our department will have a new website in the near future to keep the community informed about the changing emphasis on Career and Technical Education requirements that may be forthcoming as well as exciting additions toour school store.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


David B. Munella, Business Chairperson