Literacy Department

Kindergarten to Grade 8:

Annette Miller, ELA K - 8 Coordinator

Literacy, the ability to read and write proficiently, is essential in order for our children to be college and career ready. In the Jamestown Public Schools, reading and English Language Arts instruction is the foundation for building knowledge in elementary classrooms. Jamestown follows the recommendations of the National Reading Panel that has identified effective practices to successfully teach children to read and the NYS Common Core Literacy Standards.

JPS students receive daily core reading instruction in a scientifically based reading researched program. Daily reading instruction includes both whole and small group instruction. Instruction in the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension is taught explicitly and systematically through teacher modeling, guided practice, and independent practice. In addition to their core reading time, all students in grades K-6 receive extra literacy time to address specific learning needs based on progress monitoring assessments.

Writing is embedded in reading instruction as well as across the curriculum. Students write in response to reading and for communication and expression. The Step Up to Writing program is used to provide a framework for writing instruction.

A strong literacy foundation built in the elementary grades will enable Jamestown students to continue learning through middle and high school to become lifelong learners and productive members of society.

Annette Miller

Curriculum Coordinator of Literacy


Grades 9-12:

The Jamestown High School English Department is committed in its philosophy and everyday practices to developing students’ oral language and literacy through appropriately challenging learning in accordance with New York State Common Core Standards.

The JHS English faculty is dedicated to helping our students find their voices and to teaching them the literacy skills they need to succeed and thrive in both their personal and professional lives, long after they leave our classrooms. To meet those goals, students in our classrooms will continue to refine their skills through speaking, listening, viewing, analyzing, reading, and writing.

Barbi Price

Department Chair, ELA (9-12)