World Languages/English as a Second Language Department

World Languages


Our goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop linguistic proficiency to become effective communicators in a language other than English. We desire for all students to gain greater insight into and to develop understanding of the cultural aspects of the target language and the people who speak it. We seek to make connections between the study of languages and other disciplines, the community and the world. Our desire is to expand and enhance employment opportunities as students prepare for the competitive, global work force. The JPS World Languages Department believes that language is at the heart of every human experience and that we need to educate students to be equipped both linguistically and culturally in order to communicate within our society as well as abroad. The NYS Standards call for a future in which all students are well-versed in English and at least one other language, in either the modern or classical sense.


Learning a new language fosters a sense of global awareness and tolerance of other cultures, beliefs and customs as well as assists students in developing their own sense of self and how the whole world is interconnected.


English as a Second Language

English is a funny language; that explains why we park our car in the driveway and drive our car on the parkway – Author Unknown

The English as a Second Language Program provides pull-out language instruction to students whose first language is not English.  Our program is offered in grades K-12 and ranges from Newcomer English to Advanced and Transitional levels. In order to support a growing ethnically diverse community of English language learners, the Jamestown Public School District ESL program has responded with a variety of creative approaches, using cutting edge technology, ongoing professional development, and innovative instructional programs specifically designed for our diverse ESL students and staff. The program has developed lasting partnerships with local community programs and services with the philosophy that all students can achieve.

To date, students in the JPS ESL program have come from countries including: China, Mexico, India, Russia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Columbia, Germany, Belgium, Cuba, Iraq and the Dominican Republic.

Coordinator of World Languages/ESL/Library Services