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Jamestown music teachers are proud of the fine tradition of music in our district. The study of music in the Jamestown Public Schools is as old as the school system itself. In the late 1800′s, classroom teachers utilized piano, guitar and whatever materials were available to them to provide music instruction in addition to the three “R”s. Miss Ebba Goranson and her brother Arthur created our present day high school ensembles in 1924 with the establishment of the A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, and Band.

Over the past 87 years the Jamestown Public Schools has provided thousands of elementary, middle school and high school students with enriching musical experiences through community performances, guest artists, competitions, K-12 stage productions, and annual school concerts. We are proud to say that music continues to be one of the major assets of our school system.

We give students the opportunity to develop their musical talent, and experience the joy of creating music. They learn to be a responsible member of a group and experience teamwork as they perfect their ensemble music for performance. They learn that through daily practice they can accomplish difficult tasks, and with consistent effort amazing results can be realized. We build self-confidence and poise and develop skills used in all areas of their education.