Physical Education/Health/Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Welcome to the Department of Physical Education, Health, and Family & Consumer Sciences

The Department of Physical Education, Health, and Family & Consumer Sciences for Jamestown Public Schools is directed by Ben Drake and includes 33 full-time teachers.

The New York Learning Standards group health education, physical education and family and consumer sciences. There are three standards for these departments: Standard 1 is Personal Health and Fitness, wherein students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activities, and maintain personal health. Standard 2 is Safe and Healthy Environment, wherein students will acquire the knowledge and ability to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment. Standard 3 is Resource Management, in which students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources. Jamestown Public Schools strives to meet and exceed the standards in all three areas at all student levels.

Jamestown Public Schools is on the cutting edge in presenting physical education to our students. The district was recently the recipient of the Carol M. White Physical Education Grant in the amount of $499,038. Money from the grant was used to certify staff as personal trainers and purchase cardiovascular and strength equipment. With the new equipment, teachers and students will have the ability to monitor their heart rates and improve their fitness levels.

Ben Drake – Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, and Family & Consumer Sciences
Phone: 716-483-4223

Athletic Department Secretary: Mary Maisto