Social Studies Department

Welcome to the JPS Social Studies Department

Tamu Reinhardt, K-8 Social Studies Coordinator

The Social Studies curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade includes geography, history of the United States, history of the world, economics and civics. Social studies begin in the primary grades. Kindergarteners learn who they are, who their family members are and learn about community helpers. Second and third grade students learn more about their local community, including organizations like police and fire and local businesses. In third grade, students start to learn about communities of the world and how others live. Fourth grade students learn more about New York State, specifically, about Jamestown, and its history. Many students do local lore units with help from the Arts in Education program and Fenton Museum, where students learn about the city’s founding fathers and stories about the area.

At the middle school level, students continue learning about geography, history, economics and civics but they study these subjects in more depth. In sixth grade, they continue to study communities of the world. Seventh graders learn more about the United States. In seventh and eighth grade, students study U.S. History, the beginnings of America to the present.


Mike Tuccio, 9-12 Social Studies Chair

Over the course of their four years in high school, students will complete four required courses in our department as well as have the opportunity to take any of our elective course offerings. Additionally, honors or Advanced Placement classes are offered at all four grade levels. Teachers in this department are innovative and seek to challenge students at the highest level.


  • Students will have the historical and cultural knowledge and skills to become well-informed, participating citizens capable of anticipating and meeting today’s challenges. To this end, we will develop students’:
  • Geographic, historic, cultural and civic awareness.
  • Intellectual curiosity to promote lifelong learning.
  • Critical reading, critical thinking and formulaic writing skills.
  • Ability to objectively analyze and evaluate various sources of information
  • Capacity to make links across multiple content areas
  • Ability to incorporate research to support oral and written communication.

If you have any questions on the Elementary or Middle School Social Studies Program, please contact Tamu Reinhardt at 483-7121 or email at For more information on the JHS Social Studies Program, please contact Mike Tuccio, Chairperson at 483-3470 or email him at