Andrew Roof

#11 -  Andrew Roof

Parents’/Guardians’ Names: Wendy and Lyle Roof

College Attending: Rochester Institute of Technology

Major/Career Plans: Mechanical Engineering


Honors/Awards: National Honor Society, The “Spirit of the Music” award, RIT’S Computing Medal, Student of the Month, Milton J. Fletcher Awards in English

Activities: Marching and Concert Bands, A Cappella and Madrigal Singers, JHS Musical

Why do you think JHS is special? JHS has opportunities that most schools don’t have.  It offers specialized classes that allow students to properly explore their interests.

What was your favorite class and/or teacher and why? AT Geometry was the first class that made me love the subject it taught.  It sparked my love for math in a way that was completely unexpected.

How do you think JHS prepared you for your life after graduation? JHS has given me the scholastic knowledge to succeed after graduation.  The classes I’ve taken have prepared me with the knowledge required to succeed.