Capital Projects

Washington Middle School Auditorium

In 2005, voters approved a $59,000,000 series of capital projects that include additions and/or renovations to most instructional facilities. The District is in the final stage of its current capital project, with both an addition and renovations at Fletcher Elementary School. This will be the last project under the $59 million series.

In 2011, voters approved a new $68,000,000 project that will improve the district’s HVAC, hot water, lighting, and other energy systems. Aging roofs will be replaced. Safety and security systems will be updated as well as the district’s instructional technology infrastructure. Other capital improvements will keep all of our buildings and grounds in tip-top shape for the immediate future.

Jamestown City School District remains eligible for Excel Aid, which offsets most of the local effort costs for the majority of our projects. Also, due to the overall, slow-growth economy in the Jamestown region, we have a very high capital project state aid ratio, currently at 98%. This state aid plus Excel Aid has allowed for many of our funded projects to have little or no local school tax impact.