Proposed Capital Project & School Bus Purchase Information

At its September 30th meeting, the Jamestown Board of Education passed the resolution necessary to conduct the Proposed Capital Project and School Bus Purchase referendum at its September 30th meeting.

Following careful consideration and analysis by both the Board of Education and administration, the resulting capital project addresses many significant needs throughout the school district, including numerous, critical infrastructure repairs and improvements, already identified as areas of concern. Much of the proposed work would need to be done within the next few years in order to maintain compliance with state safety code regulations and ensure efficient school building operations.

The proposed capital project:

• Has Zero Impact on Local Property Taxes - The Jamestown Public School district strategically timed the project to take full advantage of enhanced state aid as well as state EXCEL funding. This combined funding will entirely finance the proposed capital project, with no tax increase whatsoever for local taxpayers. By authorizing the proposed capital project, the public can ensure that state income tax, already paid by taxpayers, is returned to and spent in Jamestown in direct benefit to our students.

Ring Elementary School antiquated hot water heater

• Reduces Annual Operating Costs - A large portion of the planned capital project work is designed to reduce ongoing annual operational costs, saving the district money in the future. For example, the project includes replacing outmoded heating and ventilating units with high-efficiency systems to reduce our monthly utility bills.

• Proactively Addresses Repairs & Maintenance Expenses – The proposed project attends to maintenance and other practical upgrades that are needed in order to keep our school buildings safe, efficient and up to code. Upon approval of the project, the district can seize the unique funding opportunity provided by the state, allowing the improvements to be successfully completed, at no cost to local taxpayers. Lacking the proposed project, when the district eventually needs to make repairs (for example, if a boiler fails or a roof leaks), payment for this type of work would have to be made immediately, out of the annual school budget, rather than advantageously paying for essential repairs with fully state-funded capital improvement dollars.

Rusted undercarriage of out-of-service school bus

The Bus Purchase Referendum proposes to replace deficient busses within the district’s fleet. Ten district busses have either not passed state inspection, or are predicted to fail inspection in the near term primarily due to advanced frame corrosion (rust). The District considers it a priority to purchase replacement busses in order to provide safe, reliable transportation for our students.

The proposed capital projects and bus purchase referendum vote is scheduled for November 14, 2011 from 12 to 9 p.m. at Jefferson Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School and Washington Middle School. Voter Registration Day is Thursday, October 27, 2011 from noon to 6 p.m. in the JPS Administration Building. Applications and instructions are available for Absentee Voting. The application forms and instructions may be obtained in the Superintendent’s Office by calling 716-483-4420.