Director of Schools

Tina Sandstrom, Director of Schools

The Jamestown Public Schools takes pride in providing our elementary and middle school students with a nurturing, safe, and a caring environment while giving children the academic and social skills necessary for success. Our six neighborhood elementary schools, which serve students from Pre-School through Fourth Grade are: Bush School, Fletcher School, Lincoln School, Love School and Ring School. Our three neighborhood middle schools, which serve students from fifth through eighth grades are:  Jefferson School, Persell School and Washington School.

Our district is committed to providing research-based, high quality, effective instruction, aligned to state common core learning standards, to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Take the time to visit the website to learn more about each of our elementary and middle schools, gain information about the various curricula taught to elementary and middle students, and see the vast opportunities our district provides to build a strong foundation for our  students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have to the Director of Schools at (716) 483-4395 or by email at

Tina Sandstrom
Director of Schools
Jamestown Public Schools

Elementary Schools

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Middle Schools

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