Middle Level Education Department

John Panebianco, Director


As Director of Middle Level Education for the Jamestown Public Schools, I want to welcome you to our website and to our outstanding middle school program. Our district features three middle schools, all serving grades five through eight. Serving the south side of town is Jefferson Middle School, the west side, Persell Middle School, and the north side features Washington Middle School. While each school community has its own unique characteristics, all three are bound by the common, district-wide beliefs that were collaboratively developed by our Middle School Task Force a few years ago. The parent, teacher, community member, and administrative representatives deliberated over an eighteen-month period to establish our middle school belief structure and to recommit our district to an appropriate middle level educational program for our young adolescent students.

All of our major decisions regarding middle level program design have been driven by these beliefs. From our “teacher team” structures and our “encore class” offerings, to our music and athletic opportunities; all have been influenced by our fundamental beliefs.

We hope and expect that both parents and students will have a positive and productive experience in our middle schools. For questions or concerns regarding our middle school program please feel free to contact school staff directly or contact me via telephone or e-mail. We stand ready and willing to discuss any and all issues of concern.

Thank you,

John Panebianco
Director of Middle Level Education and
Pupil Personnel Services
(716) 483-4349


Middle Schools:

Jefferson Middle School
Persell Middle School
Washington Middle School