Information Services

Information Services Department

Welcome to the Information Services Department, where our mission is to provide the faculty and staff of JPS with the type of best-quality support, training and equipment that enables them, in turn, to provide the best possible education to our students.

Jamestown Public Schools has always been ahead of the curve in recognizing the importance of technology in the classroom. The District’s technology plan, as developed by administrators, teachers and other stakeholders, defines clearly articulated goals and strategies for technology use, as required by the State Education Department.

“Our mission is to promote the effective use of technology to improve student achievement. We have a comprehensive technology plan in place, which includes goals and assessments to ensure that technology is an integral part of the way we teach, learn, and work. We want technology available to all students and teachers to make learning exciting and interesting, to open the walls of the school to the outside world, and to foster communication between ourselves and the greater community. Tomorrow’s careers will demand that students be able to access, retrieve, and analyze information, be critical thinkers and problem solvers, and effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.”
- Dave Currie, Coordinator of Information Services

JPS Technology Plan 2013-2016

Information Services Staff:

Lead Computer Specialist
Jim Fried

Computer Services Specialists
Cindy DiNapoli
Bob David
Thad Halloway

Student Information Systems Data Manager
Michael Carpenter

CIO / Application Specialist
Rob Olson

Network Administrator
Charles Marzec

Department Associate (Secretary)
Jean Long