JPS Retirees

JPS Honors Retirees at Reception

Jamestown Public Schools recently held a Retiree Reception for 2012 retirees. Superintendent Daniel Kathman thanked the employees for their service to the district and the students of Jamestown over 330 combined years of service

“On behalf of the district, thank you for your years of service and efforts. You have demonstrated your commitment to the children of our district and we appreciate and value that mission and commitment. We are a proud school district and we are very proud of all of you,” said Superintendent Kathman.

The following are the 2012 JPS retirees. Congratulations and thank you for your service.

John Baron, Teacher, Jefferson

Judy Gustafson, School Counselor TEAM

Pamela Haugner, Foreign Language Teacher, JHS

Nina Karbacka, Music

GraceAnn Mistretta, Reading Teacher, Bush

Anna Mullen, Food Service, Central Kitchen

Geraldine Nupp, Food Service Helper, Rogers

Cynthia Olson, Paraprofessional, Lincoln

Pamela Olson, Spec Ed Teacher, Persell

Linda Rhinehart, Elementary teacher, Lincoln

Roger Rhinehart, Senior Purchasing Clerk, Central Kitchen

Larry Taft, Custodian, JHS

Patricia Thomas, Human Resources Personnel Clerk

MaryJane Whaley, Bus Monitor, Transportation