laurel Lucas

Laurel Lucas, Vice President

Q. How long have you served on the Jamestown Board of Education?

A. I have served on the Board of Education for 10 years. I currently serve on the Board’s Standard and Parent/Community Involvement Committees.

Q. Why did you originally decide to become a Board Member and why do you continue to serve?

A. When my daughter entered school, I became very active in the PTA. Over the years, I served as PTA president, treasurer, secretary, and chairman of various committees for the Persell and Lincoln PTAs. I was also a charter member of the JHS PTSA having helped form the PTSA when my daughter entered high school. The Jamestown City Council PTA was another organization that I became involved with and served as its president. I served as a parent representative on several JPS district committees. As I served in these positions, I always felt that I wanted to do more for our children. There came a time when I felt that I wanted to seek a seat on the School Board to help all the children of our district. I think that this has been one of the most rewarding positions that I have ever held.

Q. What is your life like outside of the School Board?

A. My husband Don and I have two grown children and two beautiful granddaughters, 7-year-old Claire and 6-week-old Stella. I was employed by HSBC Bank as a teller for over 20 years. I am retired now. I am a member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and currently serve as a member of the Church Council. I am an avid reader and love mystery stories. My husband and I spend May through October going to car shows and participating in car cruises as members of the Chautauqua County Corvette Club.

Q. What are your biggest concerns facing Jamestown Schools in the coming years?

A. My greatest concern for the next years will be how to provide our students with a quality education in spite of the fiscal crisis facing this country, and especially, New York State. We are no longer going to be able to count on NY state for adequate funding for our school district. We, as a Board, are going to have to make some very tough decisions about how to provide a quality education with less revenue. It is going to require out-of-the-box thinking, careful listing of our priorities and looking for new sources of income.

Q. Why do you think Jamestown Public Schools is a great place for children to receive an education?

A. I am a JHS graduate and both my children are JHS graduates. As a parent, I was always pleased with the education they received in the Jamestown Public Schools. My granddaughter is in the third grade and the things she is learning amazes me. I had a chance to visit my granddaughter’s class not too long ago. I was amazed at the creativity of the staff that day. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated, caring and creative staff. I am so pleased to be associated with the Jamestown Schools and all the wonderful people who work so diligently to make our schools a safe and fun place for our children.