Welcome to the Raymond J. Fashano Technology Academy

School Mission Statement:  “Every student learning every day for a successful future.”

JHS Assistant Principal – Tech Academy – Tom Langworthy



The Raymond J. Fashano Technical Academy houses four programs:

Technology Education classes offered at the Tech Academy include Manufacturing Technology, Information Technology, Basic Electricity, and Digital Electronics. JHS students take a three-minute walk to the Tech Academy. Technology classes take place daily and are offered each semester.  Students in these classes use math and science skills in order to actively participate in hands-on lessons.

The JHS Personalized Learning Program (PLP) is a transitionary, alternate school that offers low class sizes and a modified curriculum pace for freshmen and sophomore level core classes.  This program serves as a dropout prevention program and gives students an opportunity to earn high school credits in non-traditional educational setting.  In this program students can earn points each day in order to attend JHS full-time.

The Adaptive Education Program (AEP) is a educational program in which students receive tutoring services while suspended from their home school. In this program, student’s work is picked up and dropped off by tutors. Our tutors work with students in order to assist them with their classwork while they are out of the classroom. Each day, a daily summary is completed and sent to students’ teachers to communicate progress that has been made.

Apex provides on-line courses for high school students who have had difficulty performing in the regular school environment. Courses are assigned based upon student need and involve close coordination between school counselors and building administration. Apex students are usually only a few credits shy of graduation and are looking for an alternative approach to assist them to as they seek to earn their diploma. Students are required to report to the Apex classroom, at the Tech Academy, to complete their courses.