#10 – Molly Rae Morse

Parents’ Names: Lisa & Kevin Morse
College Attending: Jamestown Community College
Major/Career Plans: Art Education

Honors/Awards: Roskamp Scholarship, JCC USA Scholarship, Buildingsroman Award, RIT Creativity/Innovation Scholarship, Track Team Captain (11th & 12th)

Activities: Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, National Honor Society

Why do you think JHS is special? JHS is special because the students are always striving to be better than the day before. They push the limits of their abilities in order to achieve more.

What was your favorite class and/or teacher and why? My favorite class was JCC Drawing I because it allowed me to really explore my artistic abilities. Mrs. Fuller taught the class and she is by far my favorite teacher. She has always helped me with art and has pushed me to become the artist I am today.

How do you think JHS prepared you for life after graduation? JHS as prepared me for my life after graduation through the extensive list of AP and JCC classes offered. I was able to get a real taste of college before I even set foot on campus.