#5 – Adam Phillips

Parents’ Names: AnnMarie & Wayne Phillips
College Attending:  New York University
Major/Career Plans: Undecided/Foreign Languages

Honors/Awards:  Heineman Award for Spanish Language, “Unsung Hero” Award for the Varsity Soccer Team

Activities: Soccer, Indoor/Outdoor Track, National Honor Society, Music lessons – drum set & guitar at Infinity Visual & Performing Arts Center

Why do you think JHS is special?

The diversity of the student body is good for the social interactions of all students, and the options of classes available help everyone find a place to thrive.

What was your favorite class and/or teachers and why?

My favorite class was Public Speaking with Mrs. Price because it was challenging and fun and helped everyone bond using speeches and games and fun, educational activities.

How do you think JHS has prepared you for your life and graduation?

JHS has introduced me to several unique situations and problems that I have had to deal with, and, it has taught me to use my knowledge and acquired skills to find either a solution or a beneficial compromise.