#8 – Haley Jones

Parents’ Names: Michelle & Matthew Jones
College Attending:  Syracuse University
Major/Career Plans: Communications/Television, Radio & Film

Awards & Honors: AP Scholar with Honors, National Honor Society, Chancellor Scholarship, 3rd Runner-up Distinguished Young Women, Leadership Award – varsity volleyball, All-State Sportsmanship Award – varsity volleyball, Jasmine Cantor Award, Michelle Kay Reynolds Memorial Leukemia Fund Scholarship and New York State Scholarship for Excellence

Activities: Rowing for Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association, varsity volleyball, Student Council, singing, creative writing, National Honor Society

“JHS allows its students to be exposed to diversity and because of its size we have the opportunity to become close with several different groups of people. My favorite class was Public Speaking with Mrs. Price because speaking in front of people is one of my favorite things to do and my class became a community where we felt completely comfortable with each other. My favorite teacher is Mr. Tehan because he pushes you to be in awkward situations but makes you learn how to be comfortable with them.  JHS challenges me to work hard and be able to balance out my busy schedule. I will be able to work with my peers later in life more successfully and be able to handle pressure effectively.”

All Senior Photos by Click Photo Studios