Jefferson Middle School 8th Grade Honors/Awards

Jefferson Middle School recently held its Moving Up Ceremony to honor its eighth graders. Congratulations to the following students who received honors and awards:

Kevin Wilson             Math
Rachael Freedline        Writing
Austin Rodriguez         Science
Chris Hinkley            NWEA  (+39 point reading improvement)
Brianna Badgley        Outstanding Achievements
Caleb Mattson        Perfect score in Science
Taylor Austin            Leadership; highest math average
Madison Karash        Most improved, athlete of the Year
Brittney Lobb                     Writers award
Taylor Morse             Art show, science, Academic/ Character award, English
Logan McNeal        Perfect score on science performance test
KaileyMarra            Outstanding Orchestra award
Emma Minavio        Art show & Academic excellence
Mason Spallino    Earning a perfects score on the science performance test
Nathan Freeman         Art show
Rome Mcbride    Perfect science performance test, highest math/science average
Joshua Tonkin         Athletic Award
Jonah Tonkin        Athletic Award
Mason Tomczak        Highest average in ELA
Lauren Morgante        Highest average in AT Science
Clayton Hitchcock        Academic Excellence in Math
Jordan Fontaine        Outstanding Chorus and junior all county
Mason Harmon         Chorus
Claudia Wilber         highest average in ELA
Shane Federko        Excellence in Science
Caleb Ericson         Outstanding Character, Academic excellence in Science
Andrew Johnson    Outstanding achievement award in health, music and library,   
Academic excellence award in Social Studies
Joshua Loomis        WYSSMA Solo festival, All county band
JaneaFiorella        Academic Mathematics, perfect attendance
Alyssa Holdridge        Academic Excellence 8th grade
JaneaFiorella        Academic Excellence 8th grade
Clayton Hitchcock        Academic Excellence 8th grade
Jasmine Buffone        Academic Excellence 8th grade
Milaysha Anderson        Academic excellence 8th grade
Preston Crooks        Academic excellence 8th grade
Taylor Austin        Academic excellence 8th grade
Benjamin D’Angleo        Academic excellence 8th grade
Caleb Ericson        Academic excellence 8th grade
Emma Minavio        Academic excellence 8th grade
AlayneSchobey        Art show
Alyssa Holdridge        Math Award
Eden McGrth        NYSSMA, Art show, effort award for ELA
Courtney Graham        Highest average for Science
Phillup Harris        Best effort ELA
EylessiaStilson    Outstanding achievement award in Health, music, library, bringing enthusiasm into the classroom and being a role model to others in Social Studies , Outstanding Character and academic excellence award in Science.
Preston Crooks    Math Award
Cami Avery     ELA Award
Michael Houghton     Academic Excellence Award, Math 8 Effort Award, Most improved Award, Apollo Award, Art show
Patrick Wynn    Social Studies Achievement
Jacob Blackmar    Outstanding Achievement, Apollo
Rebecca Freeman     Spirit of Jefferson Music
Sierra Owles    Highest average in ELA, Outstanding Choral Member
Claudia Wilber    Highest average in ELA
Sophie Schweiger    Perfect attendance, highest average in Science, Excellence in Social Studies, highest ELA average, Outstanding choral member, Junior All County Choral
Jasmine Buffone    Academic Excellence in Math
Ben D’Angelo    Academic Excellence in Math
Veronica Hansen   Art show, All county Chorus, Director’s award (Chorus), Highest ELA average, Highest AT Algebra average, Spirit of Music.