#15 – Jenna Valone

Parents’ Names:  Bridget & Jeff Valone
College Attending:  Jamestown Community College
Major/Career Plans:  International Studies

Honor/Awards: JHS Student of the Month, USA Scholarship/JCC, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, JCC Part-time Students Dean’s List, All-Western NY Scholar Athlete Honorable Mention

Activities: National Honor Society, Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Ski Club, Mock Trial, Symphonic & Concert Bands (9th to 11th grades)

Why do you think JHS is special?

I think JHS is special because of the opportunities it provides every student, whether they are academically, socially, or athletically.

What was your favorite class and/or teacher and why?

My favorite class is Spanish IV with Mrs. Samuelson because she is relatable and her teaching styles are unique and interesting, making the class enjoyable and increasing my love of the subject.

How do you think JHS prepared you for your life after graduation?

By being part of a school with such a large and extremely diverse student population, I’ve been able to interact with everyone and I think that these social skills are extremely important.