JHS Class of 2016 Top 5%

Congratulations to the JHS’ Class of 2016 Top 5%. These well-rounded, academically talented students represent the best of Jamestown High School. We wish all of our 2016 graduates good luck in their future endeavors. Please click on each student’s name to learn more about our Top 5%.  Photos by Rob Sigler of Click Photo Studios

#1 – Matthew Elia – Valedictorian
Parents’ Names:  Lisa & James Elia
College Attending:  United States Naval Academy
Major/Career Plans:  Nuclear Engineering

#2 – Luke Kindberg – Salutatorian
Parents’ Names: Maria & Timothy Kindberg
College Attending:  University of Pittsburgh
Major/Career Plans:  Business/Marketing

#3 – Paige Stafford
Parents’ Names:  Rebecca  & Thomas Stafford
College Attending:  Ohio Northern University
Major/Career Plans:  Music/Science with plans to become a symphony conductor or college professor

#4 – Andrea Swiderski
Parents’ Names:  Kim & Rob Swiderski
College Attending: Colby College
Major/Career Plans: Psychology/Music for a career in music therapy

#5 – Griffin Noon
Parents’ Names: Ashley & Greg Noon
College Attending:  Mercyhurst University
Major/Career Plans: Intelligence Studies/Computer Science

#6 – Abigail Todaro
Parents’ Names: Pattie & Jim Todaro
College Attending:  University of South Carolina
Major/Career Plans: Economics/International Studies with plans to go to law school to become a corporate lawyer

#7 – Kate Tucker
Parents’ Names:  Kathy & Bill Tucker
College Attending:  University at Buffalo
Major/Career Plans: Pharmacy

#8 – Emily Isaacson
Parents’ Names: Jen & Phil Hanlon, Todd & Brooke Isaacson
College Attending:  SUNY Fredonia
Major/Career Plans: Biochemistry with plans to become an oncologist

#9 – Emily Whitney
Parents’ Names:  Darcy & Robert Whitney
College Attending:  SUNY Geneseo
Major/Career Plans:  Biology with plans to become a physician’s assistant

#10 – Molly Rae Morse
Parents’ Names:  Lisa & Kevin Morse
College Attending: Jamestown Community College
Major/Career Plans: Art Education 

#11 – Megan Marsh
Parents’ Names:  Jayne & Charles Marsh
College Attending:  James Madison University
Major/Career Plans:  Health Sciences

#12 – Alexa Rae Brightman
Parents’ Names: Kerri & Ryan Brightman
College Attending:  Duquesne University
Major/Career Plans: International Relations with a concentration in Security Studies and Arab Culture

#13 – Cameron Hurst
Parents’ Names:  Joy & John Hurst
College Attending:  St. Bonaventure University
Major/Career Plans: Journalism & Mass Communications

#14 – Matthew Marsh
Parents’ Names:  Jayne & Charles Marsh
College Attending:  West Virginia University
Major/Career Plans: Biology

#15 – Dalton Trask

Parents’ Names:  Jamie & Brandon Trask
College Attending: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major/Career Plans:  Physics with plans to go into scientific research

#16 – Jacob Samuelson
Parents’ Names:  Kristen  & Dave Samuelson
College Attending: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major/Career Plans: Engineering Exploration

#17 – Adreanna Covert-Slick
Parents’ Names: Maggie Slick, Bryan Slick, Jason Covert
College Attending:  Jamestown Community College
Major/Career Plans:  English with plans to go into publishing or editing