Jamestown High School’s School Based Health Center

JHS School Based Health Center Registration Form


What is the Jamestown School Based Health Center (SBHC)?

The Jamestown SBHC is a medical office in the high school, in partnership between the Jamestown Public Schools and The Resource Center. A SBHC provides comprehensive health care services to children in the high school. It can work with your child’s healthcare provider in caring for your child. For children without a primary care provider, the SBHC staff may become that provider.

How does a student receive services?

To receive services, the parent of guardian must complete the registration form. Students who do not have a completed SBHC registration form will not be able to use the SBHC. Registration into the SBHC can be completed at any time.

What services are provided?

• Complete Physical Examinations

• Comprehensive health care including diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness and reproductive health.

• Health education

• Referral services

• Health screening (vision, hearing, scoliosis)

• First Aid

• Immunizations

• Mental health screening, consultation and referrals

What does in cost to use the SBHC?

There will never be any out of pocket costs for SBHC services. The SBHC program will bill the child’s health insurance; there will be no charge to the child’s family for health services provided. It is important to note that the cost of services provided outside of the SBHC, such as laboratory tests, X-rays, a specialty consultation and prescriptions are the responsibility of the parent.

Who are The School-Based Health Center Staff?

• A Nurse Practitioner (NP) will be on site to diagnose and treat illnesses and prescribe medications. The NP will work with The Resource Center physician.

• The Resource Center Physician will be available for consultation as needed and will be on site at the school regularly.

• A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) assists with health care.

• A Medical Assistant (MA) will provide support to the program along with assisting families with Child Health Plus enrollment.

What happens when the school is closed and my child is ill?

The SBHC will be open the days school is in session. Services will not be provided during school vacations and days off. When the SBHC is closed, The Resource Center Health Services is the back-up health care facility. If the school is closed and your child needs emergency treatment, call 911. If not a medical emergency, call your child’s healthcare provider.

If you have any questions about the SBHC, feel free to call the SBHC office for further information at 483-4373.