JPS Communications Strategic Planning Committee Notes


1. Broke into small groups by target audience – discussion on key messages/information that your target audiences want to see/hear from the district

2. Communications vision statements from each target group:

• Parents – “Communication Early and Often” & “Interact with Your Child’s Learning”

• Staff – “All district employees will have the ability to easy access and increased awareness of district wide events and initiatives.”

• Society at Large – “The community deserves transparency in all aspects of the JPS to serve the students, but also community at large. The district commits to providing the information necessary for a strong foundation in education.”

3. Broke into small groups by target audience – discussion on three to five specific and focused goals that align with target audience vision statement.

• Parents:

1. Parents will see their child learning everyday starting in UPK.

2. All parents will receive personalized communications from the school throughout their child’s education.

3. All parents will get frequent opportunities to partner with their children through a transparent curriculum.

4. All parents will be personally informed and guided through every change in their child’s education.

5. All parents will view their child’s school as the most open, inviting and secure place in our community.

• Staff:

1. Create a culture of learning and the best way to do that is through open communications between staff and the district.

2. Enhance district wide calendars both for the entire district and by levels (elementary, middle, high school) and by categories (music, art etc.) with open access.

3. Provide both virtual world communications (email, etc.) and hard copy communications for employees who are not on the Internet.

4. Make communications coordinator a full-time position if the district wants to make communications a priority.

• Society at Large:

1. Increase & improve our on-line presence (i.e. website update, JPS Mobile app, social media)

2. Begin an alumni campaign to build a database to fully utilize the alumni’s valuable resources and stories.

3. Begin an e-newsletter for parents/community.

4. Create on-going video series about the district for parents and the community.


Information needed before next meeting:

• Meet with Olivia Valone (student rep) and a focus group of JHS students about the students’ vision and goals (John & Cathy)

• Have JPS Network Administrator come to next meeting to talk about available technologies for communication within the district (Cathy)

• Draft consolidation of vision/goals for group to discuss (John & Cathy)


Questions committee should be thinking about before next meeting for each of their target groups:

1. How do we reach the goals of each target audience (action plans)?

2. How does the district measure whether or not we met each target audience’s goals (how do we know if we are successful)?