As part of Superintendent Tim Mains’ Entry Plan, he determined that Jamestown Schools needed to lay the groundwork/framework for a comprehensive strategic planning process to improve student achievement and ensure District sustainability. The strategic plan was to be developed in the 2013-14 school year and implemented in the 2014-15 school year.

Superintendent Mains began the process by asking the JPS Board of Education to approve a new mission, vision and goals for the district.

Click here for JPS mission, vision and core beliefs

Superintendent Mains established six strategic planning committees: Rigorous Academics, Closing Gaps in Student Achievement, Social/Emotional Development, Accountability/Metrics, Parent/Community Engagement, Technology, Extracurricular and Communications/PR. The committees consist of:  parents, JPS staff, non-profits and foundations, community members, and local businesses and colleges.

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The six committees will meet a minimum of once a month until June 2014. Each committee has central questions to guide their process.

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Each strategic planning committee will identify strategies and recommend action steps to the Board of Education for their July 2014 meeting.  As the JPS Strategic Planning process unfolds over the next six months, new information will be updated on this page.