#9 – Kirstie Lind Hanson

Parents’ Names: Cindy Lind & R. Mark Hanson
College Attending: Roanoke College
Major/Career Plans: Exercise Science

Honors & Awards: Conference All-State Chorus 2013, Empire Girls State Summer 2013, Student of the Year 2013, Wellesley Book Award 2013, Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award 2013, Independent Health Community All-Star Award, Jasmine Cantor Award, Jamestown Forest Award, Roskamp Award and New York State Scholarship for Excellence

Activities: Class Council (secretary), First Presbyterian Church (Youth, Chancel and Handbell Choirs), JHS Concert Band, Concert Orchestra (President), A Cappella Choir (President), Madrigal Singers, JHS Musical 2014 (Lead Role), Key Club, National Honor Society (Secretary), Student Organization (Secretary), varsity girls cross country (captain), varsity girls golf (captain, state competitor 3 years).

“JHS nurtures the interest and abilities of every type of student. Whether he is an individual who wants to build his resume incredulously or one who wants no more than to stick to academics. JHS affords each young adult with the paramount standard of excellence in any of a plethora of activities. Although the course material was dreadful, I enjoyed AP Calculus with Mr. Lumia because he had an uncustomary ability to hold the attention of students when subjects and theorems came to feel like inaccessible matters. He made eighty minutes of otherwise agonizing mathematics accessible. JHS fostered my talents while demanding I face my greatest fears and aversions. I know that I will head to college with the ability to manage my time and wisely complete my requirements and goals regardless of my passion for any certain study or program.”

All Senior Photos by Click Photo Studios