Washington Middle School Announces 8th Grade Awards

Washington Middle School held their Eighth Grade Moving-up Ceremony on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.  Principal Melissa Emerson and Assistant Principal Shawn Fink, presented certificates to the eighth graders. Board of Education members, Joe DiMaio and Paul Abbott, along with JPS Superintendent Tim O. Mains congratulated the eighth graders upon receiving their certificates. The following student awards were acknowledged at the Moving-up Ceremony:

English Award: Hunter Beardsley, Michael Quigley, Kiana Vullo

Math Award: Alex Aversa, Kaitlyn Mancari, Kate Brand, Milena Mateo, Kyah Capizzi, Jacob Neal, Zairyon Fiddmont, Andrew Pumford, Amber Finch, Taylor Purdy, Domnick Harrison, Karielys Reyes, Jacob Hodgkin, Kara Rossey, Josh Juul, John Smith, Taylor Lane

Science Award: Matthew Blakey, Dakota Knowlton, Kate Brand, Calista Lisky, Austin Carnall,  Andrew Pumford, Kaitlyn Duffee, Michael Quigley, Olivia Gren, Kathleen Smith

Social Studies Award:    Hunter Armeli, Kate Brand, Emma Carlson, Olivia Gren, Michael Peppy, Sophie Valone, Kiana Vullo

Character and Commitment Award:  Matthew Blakey, Andrew Pumford, Emma Carlson, Juan Romero, Zairyon Fiddmont, Kaylee Schuppenhauer, Amber Finch, Johnathan Smith, Olivia Gren, Alexandra Stone

Miscellaneous School Honors

Outstanding Music Student:  Olivia Gren

Perfect Attendance:  Alex Aversa, Kara Rossey, Kiana Vullo, Haylee Walker

Physical Education – Lobos All-Stars:  Morgan Brightman, Taylor Brightman, Noah Larson, Michael Peppy, Andrew Pumford, Alex Stone

Character Award:  Keanu Confe

Principals’ Awards:  Christabelle Napolean, Luis Cintron

Community Awards

Attorney General’s Office – Triple C Award:  Olivia Gren, Sophie Valone

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award:  Brea Tota

NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award:  Lindsay McAvoy

Jamestown Optimist Club Junior Citizen Award:  Hunter Beardsley