Nicholas Beach

#10 -  Nicholas Beach

Parents’/ Guardians’ Names: Jonathan Beach and Paula Beach

College Attending:  Houghton College

Major/Career Plans: Physical Therapy


Honors/ Awards: Student of the Month (January 2018, Bildungsroman Award, RIT Innovation and Creativity Scholarship, A Cappella Treasurer, Marching Band Squad Leader, NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Activities: Marching Band, A Cappella Choir, Madrigals Choir, Quiz Bowl, Honor Society, Key Club

Why do you think JHS is special: When considering the hardships that many families in the Jamestown school district face, financially or otherwise, JHS offers a level of quality education that is accessible for all students who apply themselves. Opportunities for education outside of the traditional classroom through BOCES offer students not planning on attending college or planning on a technical career practical training for skills needed to enter the workforce. And partnering with JCC allows for many students to gain college credits that they can use at JCC or transfer to other schools, and the 13 AP courses offered allow high achieving college-bound students to gain credits towards the equivalent of their freshman year. The music department also supports many students throughout their time at JHS. After joining the marching band, students as young as 8th grade are welcomed into a supportive community dedicated towards excellence of character and achievement that will last for their entire time in the organization and beyond. JHS is an opportunity for students to be better than their past, to make their own path into the future and a life all their own.

What was your favorite class and/or teacher and why? My favorite class I had the opportunity to take at JHS was Mrs. Price’s JCC Public Speaking class during my junior year. The class has probably been the most beneficial class I’ve taken during my high school career because of how it transformed my ability to speak and present myself in front of a crowd. It prepared me for college interviews for Honors programs as well as presentations for classes and even a better understanding of poetry and how to read and understand it. I feel that above all my other classes Public Speaking has provided me with the most practical skills to be successful in all aspects of life because of the confidence and skill I gained.

How do you think JHS prepared you for your life after graduation? JHS has been invaluable in my preparation for life after graduation. Between the eight AP courses I’ve had the opportunity to take and attempt to gain credits for college, the marching band and A Cappella that have honed my love of music and performance as well as dedication, organization, prioritization, to the teachers who have been instrumental in preparing for college classes with their styles of lecturing or the sheer intensity of the coursework , I feel as though I am prepared to walk out of JHS and begin my life as first and exchange student and the a student at Houghton College with confidence and tact.