Nolan Farr

#11 – Nolan Farr

Nolan Farr, the son of Bill and DeeDee Farr, will attend Jamestown Community College with plans to major in Environmental Science at JCC and transfer to a four-year college.

“At JHS you are able to surround yourself with a wide variety of aspects to help become well-rounded. Also,  here we have the tools and resources to succeed in anything. I now have the knowledge, as well as the experience, to help me in any situation that I may deal with.”

Award and honors: New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Marilyn Carlson Morse McClain, Alberta Sandberg Morse Memorial Scholarship, 1st Team ECIC Soccer (2 consecutive years) and MVP for soccer (2 consecutive years)

Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Bowling, Varsity Golf, National Honor Society, Environmental Club and Robotics Club

“My favorite class was AP Calculus. I enjoy math and the challenge of solving problems.”