patrick slagle

Patrick Slagle

Q. How long have you served on the Jamestown Board of Education?

A.  The 2012-2013 school year will be my first year on the board, after being elected to fill a one- year term.

Q. Why did you originally decide to become a Board Member and why do you continue to serve?

A.  I was born and raised in Jamestown, and I’ve always wanted to give back to the community. An important part of our community is the Jamestown Public School system. By joining the board I hope to strengthen an already great school system.

Q. What is your life like outside of the School Board?

A.  Outside of the School Board I reside on the Southside of town with my wife Allison, and our newborn son Chase. I am an attorney admitted in the State of New York, and I work for Southern Tier Legal Services. When not work or serving on the School Board, I enjoy kayaking and watching the New York Yankees.

Q. What are your biggest concerns facing Jamestown Schools in the coming years?

A. My biggest concern facing the Jamestown Schools is the growing budget gap. In recent years school expenses have continued to rise, while funding has been on a decline. This has resulted in teacher layoffs, something that I strongly oppose. One of the greatest strengths of our school system are the skilled teachers who provide an amazing education to the students; tomorrows leaders. While teacher layoffs are a great concern, another concern is the threat of rising property taxes, which local residents cannot afford during today’s economic climate. These concerns are serious, but together they can be resolved so that we can continue to have one of the greatest school systems in New York.

Q. Why do you think Jamestown Public Schools is a great place for children to receive an education?

A. The Jamestown Public Schools are by far one of the greatest school systems in New York State. From the skilled teachers offering challenging academic courses, to the talented coaches producing championship caliber teams, our public schools offer students the ability to graduate with a well-rounded education ready to face life’s next challenges.