paul abbott

Paul Abbott

Q. How long have you served on the Jamestown Board of Education?

A. I joined the Board of Education on July 1, 2008.

Q. Why did you originally decide to become a Board Member and why do you continue to serve?

A. As a parent in the district, I have always taken an interest in the education that we provide JPS students. A quality public school system is vital to the overall health and success of a community. Serving on the board affords me the opportunity to make sure that we are doing all we can with the resources available to us, to ensure all of our students receive the best possible education.

Q. What is your life like outside of the School Board?

A. My wife and I are the proud parents of two daughters who attend Jamestown Public Schools. We are members of Holy Apostles Parish in Jamestown. I have coached soccer at various levels, for over 12 years now. Additionally, I have been with the Jamestown Police Department for overt 21 years and currently serve as the Investigative Commander.

Q. What are your biggest concerns facing Jamestown Schools in the coming years?

A. For the past few years, the district and the board has been faced with difficult financial decisions. My greatest concern is meeting the needs of our students and continuing to provide the best possible educational experience we can. It is important we give all of our students the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, while still working within the parameters of our budget.

Q. Why do you think Jamestown Public Schools is a great place for children to receive an education?

A. In the JPS district, students have advantages they wouldn’t have in many other districts. Not only are the scholastic opportunities immense, our students have a vast array of extra-curricular activities available to them. I am also continually impressed with the quality of our teachers and staff. There is an immeasurable passion amongst so many of them for what they do.