Persell BMX Fundraiser

“We are here today to challenge you to use your natural energy and put it to good use. We want you to make good decisions like staying in school,” said members of the BMX Stunt team. “What you learn in the classroom is used everyday. For example, we use math to build our ramps. It is important to lead a drug-free lifestyle. If you make good decisions, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

The BMX Stunt Team visited Persell Middle School as a culmination to their fall fundraiser.  Students needed to sell five items or more to attend the show.  Students also received a BMX poster autographed by each of the BMX team riders for selling 12 or more items A Hummer Limo Lunch was given to  each student who sold 20 or more items.  Students who sold more than 25 items were  offered VIP seating at the BMX show along with a VIP Pizza lunch with the BMX team riders. Those Persell students were: Ben Winkler, Alexander Fortner, Dylan Johnson, Hannah Frederick, Kelly Gray, Courtney Grey, Logan Stein, Micayla Blair, Brianna Nickerson, Hannah Smith, Michael Cammarata, Benjamin Kuzmunich, Tyler Anderson, McKayla Johnson, Matthew Southwick, Carley Westphal and Jonathon White-Smith.  A random drawing of prizes included:  an autographed Haro BMX bike to Perry Foster, autographed bike helmets to Sadre Rowin and Naleen Pimental and cash prizes to Emma Schnars, Savanah Jolly,  $50 to Alexander Sharpe and Brett Dunhan Jr.

The school raised over $12,000 that will go back into school programming. Great job Persell students!