Persell Honorees

Persell Middle School Announces Award Winners & 3rd Trimester Honor/Merit Rolls

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Persell Middle School held their Eighth Grade Moving-up Ceremony on Wednesday, June 22, 2012. Mr. Philip Cammarata, Principal and Ms. Elizabeth Feinen, Assistant Principal presented certificates to the eighth graders. Board of Education members, Laurel Lucas and Tom Pope, along with Jessie Joy, Director of Currriculum, Instruction and Assessment congratulated the 8th graders upon receiving their certificates. The following student awards were acknowledged at the Moving-up Ceremony:

Derek Taylor and Kate Tucker – CCC Award

Dayvene Williams – Optimist Award

Nashaly Melendez – NYS Comptroller Achievement Award

Zackery Butts – American Legion Award

Paige Stafford – Daughters of the American Revolution Award

Tanavia Saintkitts – Principal’s Award

The top ten academic students were:

1st: Paige Stafford

2nd: Emily Whitney

3rd: Kate Tucker

4th: Jacob Samuelson

5th: Molly Morse

6th: Luke Kindberg

7th: Dalton Trask

8th: Emily Isaacson

9th: Cameron Hurst

10th: Avery Georgakis

Team Work presented individual awards for academic achievement. They were as follows:

Science Most Outstanding 8th grade student: Jack Breen

Science Most Outstanding AT student: Luke Kindberg

Math Outstanding 8th grade student: Lauren Madden

Math AT Outstanding 8th grade student: Dalton Trask

Math AT Outstanding 8th grade student: Jacob Samuelson

ELA Outstanding 8th grade students: Paige Stafford and Kate Tucker

Team Work Student of the Year: Emily Whitney

Social Studies Outstanding 8th grade student: CellyAnn Espinoza

Cameron Hurst, Jacob Samuelson and Luke Kindberg were each awarded a certificate for scoring 100% on the New York State Integrated Algebra Regents exam.

Team Avanti presented individual awards for academic achievement. There were as follows:

Math – Josue Gomez

ELA – Mercedes Wolfe

Science – John Brown

Social Studies – John Brown

The following students were awarded “Student of the Year” by team recognizing them for showing respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, empathy and citizenship on a daily basis throughout the 2011-2012 school year:

Jonathan Sandstrom – Team Excel

Carley Westphal – Team Achieve

Karleigh Haines – Team Aspire

Emily Whitney – Team Work

Olivia Dwailabee – Team Avanti

Nicholas Beach – Team Explore

Jack Breen – Physical Education

Jasmine Pastorchik- FACS, Art, and Technology

Paige Stafford – Music, Health, Spanish, Computers

Rachel Johnson – Team Endeavor

Elle Noon – Band, Orchestra

Nolan Stevenson- Team Accomplish

Principals’ Award was given to Tanavia Saintkitts for her outstanding achievements during her four years at Persell.