Rogers Elementary School Transition Team Information

As you are aware, Rogers School will close as a functioning elementary school after this (2011-2012) school year. Beginning in September 2012, the vast majority of Rogers students will be reassigned to either C.V. Bush School or M.J. Fletcher School. A transition team has been formed and is meeting regularly to plan and implement a smooth transition for students and families for the 2012-2013 school year. This team is comprised of fourteen representatives of school staff and parents from Rogers, Bush, and Fletcher Schools.

On this site, we will keep families updated on our work to make this upcoming change a smooth and positive one for the Rogers School Community. If you have any questions, please email questions to the link below: or contact Rogers School at 483-4408.

Questions for Parents from the Rogers Transition Team

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5/16/12 Transition Team Minutes

4/25/12 Transition Team Minutes

2/23/12 Transition Team Minutes

12/14/11 Transition Team Minutes

10/26/11 Transition Team Minutes

9/26/11 Transition Team Minutes

6/22/11 Transition Team Minutes