#9 – Amanda Johnson

Parents’/Guardians’ Names: Denise & Lon Johnson

College Attending:  Edinboro University

Major/Career Plans:  Early Childhood and Special Education

Honors/Awards: Scholar Athlete, Honor Roll, JCC Part-time Student’s Dean List, Captain’s Award, Impressions Award, Southern Chautauqua County Retired Teachers Scholarship, Herbert Heinemann Award, Jamestown Teachers Association Scholarship, Jasmine Cantor Scholarship

Activities: JHS Varsity Swim Team, Spanish Club, Dance at Tiffany Wakeley Academy of Dance, National Honor Society, A Cappella Choir

Why do you think JHS is special? JHS has a large diversity of students, and in return, has a wide range of activities and classes to fit everyone’s likes and interests. I believe JHS is special in how well it accommodates the whole student body. The staff is always willing to help students find what they want to do in life and work with them to achieve any good.

What was your favorite class and/or  teacher and why? Taking Spanish has been my favorite part of  my high school career. Spanish was always the class I was excited for rather than dreading. Mrs. Childress and Mrs. Samuelson have encouraged me to try new things, both in the classroom, and also when we traveled to Costa Rica. My experiences with them have influenced me to minor in Spanish and want to study abroad in college.

How do you think JHS prepared you for your life after graduation? With large class sizes, JHS offers students the chance to interact with all kinds of people. After graduation, these interpersonal skills will help me as I move onto college and eventually a career. Also by taking challenging coursework at JHS, the transition to the college workload will be smoother.