#3 – Nathalie Eckstrom

Parents’/Guardians’ Names: Anna McArthur, William McArthur, Nathan Dallas

College Attending:  Jamestown Community College

Major/Career Plans: Nursing Program with plans to become a nurse practioner

Honors/Awards: College Connections Student of the Year 2017, 2015-16 Rhetoric Award (AP Language ), JCC Part-time Student Dean’s List, Allen Ayers Physics Scholarship, New York State Academic Excellence Scholarship, Jamestown Community College USA Scholarship, DAR History Award

Activities: National Honor Society, Key Club, Pittsfield Bronc Busters 4-H Club

Why do you think JHS is special? JHS has always been a welcoming environment where students have an eagerness to learn.

What was your favorite class and/or  teacher and why? AP Calculus challenged me and tested my abilities as a student. In the end, with the help of Mr. Lumia, I was able to truly understand the material.

How do you think JHS prepared you for your life after graduation? JHS allows students to work toward their college education while still in a high school setting.