Congratulations to Washington Middle School’s February Students of the Month!

ELLA PROPHETER is in 5th grade and is the daughter of Jennifer and Steven Propheter.  She likes to watch television in her spare time and her favorite class is math.  Mrs. Hill has made a difference in her life because of all the help she gives her.  In the future she wants to become a soccer player.




LINDSEY SPITZ is in 6th grade and is the daughter of Deanna and Robert Spitz.  Her favorite subject is math and says all of the teachers she has ever had have made a difference in her life.  In her spare time she likes to swim.  In the future she wishes to become a Physical Education teacher.






ETHAN HAIGHT is a 7th grader and the son of Cindy and Jamie Haight.  His favorite subjects are social studies and math and has been influenced by Mrs. Nord, who has gotten many songs stuck in his head.  He enjoys playing video games and watching YouTube in his free time and in the future he would like to become an astronomer or an astrophysicist.





KAYLIN VOYE is in 8th grade and is the daughter of Lindsay and John Voye.  She enjoys petting her dog in her spare time.  Her favorite subjects in school are ELA and science and believes Mr. Williams has made a difference in her life.  In the future she plans on studying to become a veterinarian.