thomas pope

Thomas Pope

Q. How long have you served on the Jamestown Board of Education?

A. I joined the Jamestown Board of Education in 1999.

Q. Why did you originally decide to become a Board Member and why do you continue to serve?

A. I decided to become a Board Member because of my children. My oldest child was finishing first grade when I decided to run and graduated in 2010. My youngest child is now starting eighth grade. As I’ve watched my children progress through the Jamestown Public Schools, my commitment to ensuring that every child in Jamestown has access to the best educational system possible has been continually reinforced.

Q. What is your life like outside of the School Board?

A. I am busy staying involved with my children. With two of them attending college, and another active in multiple school and community activities, my wife and I plan our schedules around theirs.

Q. What are your biggest concerns facing Jamestown Schools in the coming years?

A. Continuing to provide an excellent educational foundation for all the children in Jamestown while addressing the economic and demographic challenges we face.

Q. Why do you think Jamestown Public Schools is a great place for children to receive an education?

A. The depth and breadth of what we offer to our children is unmatched in our area. From sports teams, to advanced academic classes, to fine arts opportunities, our children including my own, have the opportunity to take advantage of incredibly diverse offerings. In the Jamestown Public Schools, every child really does have the opportunity to challenge themselves to obtain the most out of their high school education.