Washington SOM Feb 2018

Washington Middle School Students of the Month for February

MALLORY DAHLGREN is in 5th grade and is the daughter of Julie and Rick Dahlgren.  She likes to play sports (especially softball, soccer, and basketball) and play her saxophone in her spare time.  Her favorite subjects in school are ELA, science and math.  She wants to thank Ms. Hagglund for helping her with everything in school.  In the future, she wants to be an inventor.




DAINYS CRUZ is in 6th grade and is the daughter of Jessica and Jorge Cruz.  Her favorite subject is math and says Mrs. Zahn has made a difference in her life by encouraging her to keep trying and to not give up.  In her spare time, she likes watch TV or go play with her friends.  In the future, she wants to become a doctor.





ALEXANDRA GREN is a 7th grader and the daughter of Jon and Aubin.  Her favorite subject is science and has been influenced by Miss Stowe because she was so awesome last year and helped her to be so much more confident in ELA.  She enjoys dancing, playing tennis and playing with her dogs in her spare time and in the future, she would like to be a veterinarian or a biochemist.




EZEQUIEL ARIEL ALEJANDRO LÓPEZ is in 8th grade and is the son of Denisse López Rivera and Carlos Alejandro Ortiz.  He enjoys watching anime, like Naruto, and learning to speak Japanese in his spare time.  His favorite subject in school is science and believes Ms. Stewart has made a difference in his life because she always helps him, supports him and tells him to believe in himself.  In the future, he wants to either be a president or the greatest Kung Fu teacher in China.